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Jeffrey S. Reid

Naval Research laboratory, Marine Meteorology Division, Monterey CA

Crossroads of tropical meteorology and atmospheric composition in the Maritime Continent: Recent field results from the 7SEAS program

Room 811 AOSS, February 29, 2016, 3:30 PM


Since 2009, seasonal field campaigns have been conducted by the 7 Southeast Asian Studies (7SEAS) project throughout the Maritime Continent to study the lifecycle and meteorological impacts of aerosol particles. However given the complex interactions between air, land and sea in the region, aerosol impact studies are significantly confounded by a host of meteorological phenomena. At the same time, aerosol and other compositional studies add a new perspective on atmospheric processes. In this presentation we briefly outline climate changes issues in SE Asia and the nature of aerosol particles in the regional climate system. Aerosol lifecycle connections to the phases of ENSO, IOD, and the MJO are discussed as observed in measurements made through satellites, networks, and intensive operations periods. For the finest scales observations on aerosol-cloud relationships at more regional and local levels. These observations pose questions that will pave the way for the Clouds, Aerosol, Monsoon Processes-Philippines Experiment (CAMP2Ex) to be conducted in 2018.

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