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Vis5d variable list for Vis5d files from UW-NMS model

NAME Quanitity (units)
U East/West Wind Speed (m/s)
V North/South Wind Speed (m/s)
W Vertical Wind Speed (m/s)
SPEED 3-d wind speed (m/s)
PRES Pressure (hPa)
MSLP Mean Sea Level Pressure (hPa)
QV Water Vapor Mixing Ratio (g/kg)
RH Relative Humidity (%)
CONH Convective Heating Rate (deg/day?)
THETA Potential Temperature (K)
THETA E Equivalent Potential Temperature (K)
SKINTC Surface Skin (land or sea) temperature (C)
T Temperature (K)
TDK Dewpoint Temperature (K)
CAPE1 Convective Available Potential Energy (J/kg)
CINHIBIT Convective Inhibition (J/kg)
SCONV Surface Convergence (x10000 per sec)
TKE Turbulence Kinetic Energy (m2/s2)
GPM Height (geopotential meters)
LDNALL log10(density of all microphysics) (log10(g/m3) + 6)
DBZ Simulated reflectivity factor (dBz)
SIG % of grid box taken up by convection in parameterization)
QZ Vertical comp of Absolute vorticity (*.1 /sec)
PZLOG log10 (Potential Vorticity) + 2 (1.5 PVU ~ 2.2 PZLOG)
PRCPFALL Total model time accumulated precip (mm)
SNOWFALL Total model time accumulated snow (inches)
CNVFALL Total model time accumulated precip from conv parameterization (mm)
TOPO3D Model eta grid box below ground (1) or not (0). 0.5 shows ~ land surface
PCTLAND Percent Land (0-100%)

* Viewers for FLI animations

FLI animations are updated after the last
available forecast plot is completed.

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