The Great Global Change Debates of 2017

(Comm-B Oral Homework #2)

Pro - agree with statement / Con - disagree with statement / Debate topics selected on Thursday, April 27

Tuesday, May 2

Topic 1: Nuclear energy is a viable solution to the current energy problem.
Moderator: Matt Hitchman
Pro Con

Rachael Andrew
Clara Hecht
Alison Miron
Abigail Simpson

Daniel Barr
Kanna Izushi-Ciolkosz
Samantha Nagin
Zoey Stefaniak

Topic 2: Education is the key to solving environmental problems.
Moderator: Molly Aufforth
Pro Con

Brittney Brakebill
Hannah Keller
Anthony Ornek
Kyle Steiger

Taylor Brown
Megan Kelly
Kaylyn Payne
Joseph Trokan-Tenorio

Topic 3: The U.S. should regulate companies' environmental impacts more carefully.
Moderator: Matt Hitchman
Pro Con

Shaina Bullock
Vanessa Khoo
Elizabeth Puck
Cristina Uribe

Lauren Dahl
Mia Lenling
Ross Kiegan
Taylor Wilmot

Thursday, May 4

Topic 4: The U.S. should impose a large gas tax.
Moderator: Matt Hitchman
Pro Con

Tyler Dorfner
Eric Li
Bradley Rudd
Julia Winkel

Marilyn Feldner
Elena Livorni
Benjamin Rudy
Nicholas Wishart

Topic 5: Capitalism is destroying the earth and corporate globalization is at the core of this crisis.
Moderator: Molly Aufforth
Pro Con

Julia Freuck
Hannah Loehrke
Monica Samsin

Annelise Gehl
Claire Loran
Tatyana Shakhov

Topic 6: Genetically modified foods are good for the world.
Moderator: Matt Hitchman
Pro Con

Michelle Gould
Suzanne Marovec
Jamie Shannon

Joseph Grabowski
Deshawn Mckinney
Yuqi Shi

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