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Week 3:

Electromagnetic Radiation and Greenhouse Effect

Suggested Keywords/Phrases for Searching Articles, Books and the Web

  • greenhouse effect
  • greenhouse gases
  • global warming
  • radiation budget
  • energy balance
  • temperature
  • electromagnetic radiation
  • black body
  • Wien's Law
  • Stefan-Boltzmann Law
  • terrestrial radiation
  • infrared or IR
  • longwave radiation
  • solar radiation
  • ultraviolet or UV
  • shortwave radiation
  • albedo
  • ozone
  • carbon dioxide
  • water vapor
  • methane
  • nitrous oxide


  1. greenhouse AND (effect OR gas*) AND radiation AND temperature
  2. (energy OR radiation) AND (balance OR budget)

See Search Strategies for more help.
Note: to narrow your search use keywords/concepts from other weeks.

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