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Function Synopsis

h=gvect(var1, var2, flim, clev);

Help text

function h=gcont(var1, var2, flim, clev)

  This function vectors the variables 'var1' and 'var2' over
  the global grid, with levels specified by clev,
  (use 0 for default) and axis limits [0 360 -90 90]
  unless otherwise specified with flim.

Cross-Reference Information

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Listing of function gvect

function h=gvect(var1, var2, flim, clev);

% set axis parameters:
if nargin == 2; flim=[0 360 -90 90]; end;
if flim==0; flim=[0 360 -90 90]; end;
if nargin == 3; clev=' '; end;

% set axis ticks
if (flim(2)-flim(1))==360.; n=n+1; end;

% define axes:

% mess with var:
if (flim(2)-flim(1))==360.; var=[var var(:,1)]; end;

% contour var:
if strcmp(clev, ' ');
quiver(xax, yax, var1, var2);
quiver(xax, yax, var1, var2, clev);