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Function Synopsis

pncont(xa, ya, x, clev, lab);

Help text

     pncont(xa, ya, x, clev, lab);

     This function will plot positive contours of x in solid
     lines, and negative contours of x in dashed lines.

     pncont(x) pncont's the matrix 'x'.
     pncont(xa, ya, x) uses xa and ya as the x and y axes resp.
     pncont(xa, ya, x, clev) uses levels outlined in 'clev', or if
                             clev is an integer, uses clev levels.
     pncont(xa, ya, x, clev, lab) lab = 0 => don't label contours (default)
                                  lab = 1 => label contours

Listing of function pncont_old

function pncont(xa, ya, x, clev, lab);

if nargin < 5; lab = 0; end;
if nargin < 4; clev = 10; end;
if nargin == 1;
  x = xa;
  [m, n] = size(x);
  xa = 1:n;
  ya = 1:m;

[m,n] = size(x);

for i = 1:m;
  for j = 1:n;
    if x(i,j) <= 0;
      xp(i,j) = 0;
      xn(i,j) = x(i,j);
      xp(i,j) = x(i,j);
      xn(i,j) = 0;

[a, b] = contour(xa, ya, xp, clev(find(clev)), '-');
if lab; clabel(a, b); end;
hold on
[c, d] = contour(xa, ya, xn, clev(find(clev)), '--');
if lab; clabel(c, d); end;
[e, f] = contour(xa, ya, x, [0 0], '-.');
if lab; clabel(e, f); end;
hold off
grid on;