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Function Synopsis

q = quiver_label(u,scale,xtext,ytext,xarrow,type)

Help text

 USAGE: quiver_label(U,scale,xtext,ytext,xarrow,type)

 Puts a "scale" vector on a map 

 U = magnitude of scale vector
 scale = scale of vectors plotted
 xtext = left position of text
 ytext = y-position of text and scale vector
 xarrow = left position of scale vector
 type = arrow parameters (from quiver)

 PROBLEM:  First, we should note that there is no 'good' way
 to draw arrows in MATLAB, unless the map is evenly spaced in
 the x and y directions.  Unless the grid is evenly spaced, 
 the arrow length will not be correct - there's no way around

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This function calls

Listing of function quiver_label

function q = quiver_label(u,scale,xtext,ytext,xarrow,type)

isheld = ishold;
if ~isheld; hold on; end;

if nargin < 6; type = '-k'; end

%  Get x and y limits

q1 = text(xtext,ytext,sprintf('Scale: %1.4g m/s = ',u),'FontSize',6)
set(q1, 'HorizontalAlignment', 'right');
q2 = quiver_scale(xarrow,ytext,u,0,scale,type);
if nargout == 1;
  q = [q1; q2];

if ~isheld; hold off; end;