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Function Synopsis

hh = map_axis(mstyle, origin, frme);

Help text

  hh = map_axis(mstyle, origin, frme);

  mstyle = Map style (type maps)
  origin = origin for the map (set to [] for default)
  frme = Frame.  Default is global variable FRAME

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Listing of function map_axis

function hh = map_axis(mstyle, origin, frme);

%  Dan Vimont, 23 July, 2001

%  First, determine if hold is 'on', or 'off'.

next_ax = lower(get(gca, 'NextPlot'));
if strcmp(next_ax, 'replace');  cla;  end;

%  Get the global varaibles XAX YAX and FRAME


if nargin < 1; mstyle = 'mollweid'; end;
if nargin < 2; origin = []; end;
if nargin < 3; frme = FRAME; end;

%  Define map axis:
hh = axesm('mapprojection', mstyle, ...
           'origin', origin, ...
           'maplatlimit', frme(3:4), ...
           'maplonlimit', frme(1:2));

set(gca, 'NextPlot', next_ax);