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pj = printjob()

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PRINTJOB Constructor for PrintJob objects.
   PrintJob is the object used to encapsulate all the data needed to export
   Figures and models from MATLAB and Simulink. Constructor defines every
   class variable and gives them default values. Comments in this file 
   describe what each variable is for. It is not meant that MATLAB users 
   will create PrintJob objects themselves; unless they are trying to take 
   full control of the outputting of a Figure or graph. PrintJob is used by
   the various M-files that control printing and image output from MATLAB
   and Simulink.

      pj = PRINTJOB; 

   See also PRINT.

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function pj = printjob()

%   Copyright 1984-2000 The MathWorks, Inc. 
%   $Revision: 1.3 $  $Date: 2000/06/01 02:54:11 $

pj.Handles = [];            %Matrix of handles to Figures and/or models to print
pj.Driver = '';             %Current driver chosen from list in tables
pj.FileName = '';           %Real or temp name of output
pj.PageNumber = 0;          %What page output we are currently drawing
pj.Active = 0;              %Currently connected to a driver
pj.Return = 0;              %Return value from HARDCOPY, could be meta handle or uint8 image

pj.AllFigures = [];         %Array of handles to all Figures, for setting Watch pointers
pj.AllPointers = [];        %String or cell array of strings of current Pointers

pj.PrinterName = '';        %Name of networked device to send output file
pj.SimWindowName ='';       %Name of Simulink model being printed
%pj.Renderer = 'painters';   %Renderer mode to use while printing/exporting
pj.Renderer = 'zbuffer';   %Renderer mode to use while printing/exporting
pj.rendererOption = 1;      %True if user specified renderer on cmd line
pj.PrintOutput = 0;         %True if want to send driver output to a device
pj.Verbose = 0;             %True if want to show system print dialog
pj.Orientation = '';        %Oiginal orientation of Figure/model if have to switch
pj.hgdata = [];             %Structure of data for restoration of Figure and children
pj.PaperUnits = '';         %Original PaperUnits while we work in Points

pj.PrintUI = 1;             %True if want to print UIControls (Beans/ActiveX?)
pj.nouiOption = 0;          %True if user specified -noui on cmd line
pj.UIData = [];             %Holds handles and data for faux Uicontrols
pj.DPI = -1;                %Resolution for Tiff, Jpeg, and PS, including for Ghostscript; -1 means use internal default

pj.DriverExt = '';          %Filename extension associated with current driver
pj.DriverClass = '';        %What type of driver is it, PS, Windows, ...
pj.DriverExport = 0;        %True if driver is an image format normally saved to disk

pj.DriverColor = 0;         %True if driver supports color (i.e. will not NODITHER)
pj.DriverColorSet = 0;      %True if command line arguments included device (which set DriverColor)

pj.GhostDriver = '';        %Holds onto driver requested from GS while we use PS
pj.GhostName = '';          %Eventual name from GS if generating temp PS file
pj.GhostImage = 0;          %True if converting PS to an image format for export or preview
pj.GhostExtent = [];        %Width and height in points of image/BoundingBox/PaperPosition
pj.GhostTranslation = [];   %All objects on page must be moved for GS image formats (including preview)

pj.PostScriptAppend = 0;    %True if want to append PS file to existing one
pj.PostScriptLatin1 = 1;    %True if want Latin 1 font encoding and not Adobe's
pj.PostScriptCMYK = 0;      %True if want colors in PS file to be CMYK and not RGB
pj.PostScriptTightBBox = 1; %True if want to have a tight BoundingBox
pj.PostScriptPreview = 0;   %'Enum' value of preview type, one of:
pj.TiffPreview = 1;         %Currently only supported preview type

[ pj.PrintCmd, pj.DefaultDevice ] = printopt; %Defaults
pj.Error = 0;               %Error condition
pj.DebugMode = 0;           %Boolean true want to output diagnostics while printing.

pj.Validated = 0;           %flag to say if this print job has been validated

pj.XTerminalMode = LocalXTerminalMode; %Boolean true if on Unix/VMS and not X


%%% LocalXTerminalMode %%%
function bool = LocalXTerminalMode()
%XTerminalMode True or False that MATLAB is running in terminal mode, 
% no X DISPLAY  on Unix.
bool = 0;
if ~( strcmp( computer, 'PCWIN' ) | strncmp( computer, 'MAC', 3 ) )
    if ~strcmp( get(0,'TerminalProtocol'), 'x' )
        bool = 1;