Documentation of eof_dan2

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Function Synopsis

[lam, lds, per] = eof_dan(c, nkp);

Help text

  [lam, lds, per] = eof_dan(c, isrot, nkp);

  This function assumes that c is the covariance matrix.

  isrot is 1 if the column dimension is space (rather than time)
  nkp is the number of modes to spit out.

Listing of function eof_dan2

function [lam, lds, per] = eof_dan(c, nkp);
if nargin < 2; nkp = 10; end;

[lds, lam] = eig(c);
l = diag(lam);

[lam, k] = sort(l'); lds = lds(:,k);

lam = fliplr(lam);
lds = fliplr(lds); lds = lds(:,1:nkp);
per = lam * 100 / sum(lam);