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Function Synopsis

dout = smooth(vect, data);

Help text

  dout = smooth(vect, data);
  vect is the smoothing vector (e.g., [1 2 1]/4)
  data will be smoothed in the column dimension

Cross-Reference Information

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Listing of function smooth

function dout = smooth(vect, data);
lvect = length(vect);
if ~mod(lvect,2);
  error('This works much better for odd lengthed smoothers');
vect = vect/sum(vect);

[ny, nx] = size(data);

data2 = [ones(floor(lvect/2),1)*data(1,:); ...
         data; ...

for i = 1:ny;
  ind = (i-1)+[1:lvect];
  data(i,:) = sum2((vect'*ones(1, nx)).*data2(ind,:));

dout = data;