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Function Synopsis

ret_fig = clf(varargin)

Help text

CLF Clear current figure.
   CLF deletes all children of the current figure with visible handles.

   CLF RESET deletes all children (including ones with hidden
   handles) and also resets all figure properties, except Position
   and Units, to their default values.

   See also CLA, RESET, HOLD.

Cross-Reference Information

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Listing of function clf

function ret_fig = clf(varargin)

%   CLF(..., HSAVE) deletes all children except those specified in
%   HSAVE.
%   Copyright 1984-2000 The MathWorks, Inc. 
%   $Revision: 5.20 $  $Date: 2000/06/01 02:54:17 $

clo(gcf, varargin{:});

% cause a complete redraw of the figure, so that movie frame remnants
% are cleared as well

% now that IntegerHandle can be changed by reset, make sure
% we're returning the new handle:
if (nargout ~= 0)
    ret_fig = gcf;