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Function Synopsis

[xkeep, ykeep] = keep_var(lim, x, y);

Help text

   [xkeep, ykeep] = keep_var(lim, x, y);

   where lim = [minx maxx miny maxy] to be kept.

   If lon and lat are not input, then they are assumed
   to be global variables under the names XAX and YAX.

Cross-Reference Information

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Listing of function keep_var2

function [xkeep, ykeep] = keep_var(lim, x, y);

if nargin == 1;
  global XAX YAX
  x = XAX;
  y = YAX;

%if (lim(2) <= lim(1) | lim(4) <= lim(3))
%  error('lim must be input as [minx maxx miny maxy]')

xkeep = find(x >= lim(1) | x <= lim(2));
ykeep = find(y >= lim(3) | y <= lim(4));