Department of Atmospheric and Oceanic Science
University of Wisconsin - Madison
1225 W. Dayton Street
Madison, Wisconsin 53706

2009-2010 Summary

Last year the GSA accomplished a lot of amazing things:

We held a Summit with the faculty and discussed ways to improve our curriculum here. That spawned a collaboration between the GSA Curriculum Committee and a faculty Curriculum Committee. We've opened a discussion on what courses we offer and what we don't offer, and tried to clean up a course listing that's been stagnant for a decade.

The Aesthetics Committee spent a fun evening organizing and cleaning up the three classrooms in our building. The Committee also received funding from the faculty to renovate Room 1443 from a junk storage room to a beautiful new room with computers and meeting space for use by Masters and PhD committees and other groups. (a white board and flat screen televisions are still to come).

The Welcome Committee met with visiting prospective students over the course of the year and coordinated with faculty and staff to ensure an appropriate schedule for the day. We also improved our welcome packet which is given to incoming students via email to assist them in housing choices, etc. A course suggestion sheet was created this summer which goes over the courses offered and highlights courses often taken by first-year students, both in the department and around campus.

The Social Committee organized a couple of Around the World Luncheons, the end of the year party at Brocach's, and a number of other events.

We had members helping recruit Colloquium speakers, representing us in faculty meetings, providing community education and outreach programs, introductory programming classes in a variety of languages and representing the school at trade events.

That was a tiny snapshot of what we did last year, and this year, we're going to do even more. However, all our committees need to be re-formed, and that requires you!