Department of Atmospheric and Oceanic Science
University of Wisconsin - Madison
1225 W. Dayton Street
Madison, Wisconsin 53706

2012-2013 Summary

The GSA voted on a new constitution effective March 2013. Changes include removing the Ombudsman, adding Secretary and Treasury positions, changed quarum from 1/4 of graduate student body to 2/3 the number of students present during first GSA meeting, and in general removed redundancy and silly rules.

The Welcome Committee organized lunch and dinner, team trivia and Q+A sessions with prospective students. The committee also successfully recruited students from the AMS Conference in Austin, TX.

The Social Committee organized Friday potlucks for graduate students, ice cream socials, GSA Symposium at Union South after Monday colloquiums, and Relay for Life fundraising.

The Department Seminar Committee helped to organize Department Seminars, ensured that there were cookies, tea, and coffee available before the seminars, and was responsible for clean-up after seminars.

The Colloquium Committee scheduled visits with several speakers from around the country who gave talks at the weekly colloquiums. The committee also organized the Annual Robock Lecture.

The Outreach Committee's goal was to have student volunteers at various events around Madison related to science, including after school science clubs, sciences festivals both on and off campus, and in-class visits.

The Curriculum Committee worked with the Faculty Curriculum Committee to help determine what classes/subjects would benefit the graduate students and how to implement them.

Other events that GSA participated in include the Hooding Ceremony, the AMS Solstice Party, and the Awards and Commencement Ceremony.