Department of Atmospheric and Oceanic Science
University of Wisconsin - Madison
1225 W. Dayton Street
Madison, Wisconsin 53706

2013-2014 Summary

Last year the GSA accomplished the following:

The GSA created a new Hooding Ceremony Committee for individual recognition for the undergraduates since graduations changed to one large ceremony in Camp Randall. GSA also created an AMS Solstice Party Skit Committee to help plan the graduate skits. GSA decided to appoint a "point person" in each committee to keep in contact with the GSA Facilitator for updates. Still talk of possible Milwaukee-Sullivan NWS and UW-Madison collaboration in the future.

The Welcome Committee attended the Annual AMS Conference in Atlanta, Georgia with an impressive trifold display board, organized meals and Q+A sessions with prospective students. Committee is also working on creating a graduate student handbook.

The Social Committee organized themed-potlucks, sporting events, the AMS Solstice Party, and the Hooding Ceremony.

The Department Seminar Committee helped to organize Department Seminars, ensured that there were cookies, tea, and coffee available before the seminars, and was responsible for clean-up after seminars.

The Colloquium Committee scheduled visits with several speakers from around the country who gave talks at the weekly colloquiums. The committee also organized the Annual Robock Lecture.

The Outreach Committee participated in Weather Month at Aldo Leopold Nature Center in Monona, weather-related activities at the Wisconsin Institute for Discovery, Science Expeditions, rotating tank experiments for middle school students, and weather talks for Boy Scout troops.

The Curriculum Committee worked with the faculty to get AOS 452 lecture option for graduate students, to set up an Awards Ceremony, to plan for the Robock Lecture, and to help plan for the Hooding Ceremony. The committee also created TA evaluation revision forms for current or former TA's so that TAs can get more constructive feedback. Slight changes to take place Fall 2014 for credit requirements for Masters and PhD students. AOS 712 (General Circulation) to be taught and offered in Fall 2014.