Department of Atmospheric and Oceanic Science
University of Wisconsin - Madison
1225 W. Dayton Street
Madison, Wisconsin 53706

2015-2016 Summary

Last year the GSA accomplished the following:

The Social Committee held potlucks, group outings, and helped organize the AMS Solstice Party. They also organized two teams for the Broomball intramural league.

The Department Seminar Committee helped faculty organize the department seminars and ensuring that cookies, coffee, and tea were set up and cleaned up. Additionally, the idea for graduate student-oriented seminars was presented: learning about ethics in research, elevator pitches, etc.

The Welcome Committee held several lunches and dinners for prospective visiting graduate students. Several members attending the Annual AMS Conference in New Orleans, Louisiana to recruit future graduate students.

The Curriculum Committee conducted a mid-year survey to determine what course interests students had to help direct future plans for the curriculum. Information regarding new courses was relayed to graduate students.

The Outreach Committee participated in several events throughout the year, including school visits and the UW Science Expedition at the Wisconsin Institute for Discovery.

The Graduation Committee, which forms in spring, put together the combined Undergraduate/Graduate Ceremony, where undergraduates walk across the stage, and graduates get hooded and present a slide on their research.

A few members of GSA joined a joint faculty-student Fundraising Committee, with plans in the future for an alumni banquet. The teaching award was also voted upon and awarded to Matt Hitchman near the end of the academic year.