2017-2018 Members
This committee shall present an annual teaching award as outlined in Article VI of the constitution. The committee has the power to create other awards as it sees fit.
Did not form a committee, but nominations and voting were conducted during a GSA meeting.
A committee formed for the purpose of planning events ouside the department for grad students as well as some involving faculty. There is an overall goal to get more foreign students involved in the GSA.
Collin Tuttle, Ashtin Massie, CJ Begalke, Andrew Dzambo
The goal of this committee is to brainstorm and implement ideas that will improve the overall aesthetics of some of our classrooms in the building.
Committee did not form.
The Curriculum Committee will work with the Faculty Curriculum Committee in order to help determine what classes/subjects would benefit the graduate students and how to implement them.
David Loveless, Alex Goldstein, Mary Spraggs, Zoe Brooke-Zibton
Members of the Department Seminar Committee are in charge of filling the department seminar time slot. This includes finding graduate students to present their work, researchers from other areas of the building to present their work, and other types of presentations that foster academic education.
Elin McIlhattan
Members of the Colloquium Committee are in charge of finding speakers for our Monday afternoon department colloquiums. Speakers from within our departments as well as visitors from other institutions are invited. Also, students finishing their PhD work present during department colloquium. This committee also helps to plan the Robock Lecture that takes place during the spring semester.
Larissa Back (Faculty), Vijit Maithel, Alyson Douglas, Melissa Breeden
The Welcome Committee is in charge of updating and creating literature for prospective and new graduate students. In addition, the committee meets with visiting prospective students and provides them with contact information.
Jessica Taheri, Alex Goldstein, Loveless, Maggie Bruckner, Juliet Pilewskie, Kelton Halbert, Auston Dixon, Maria Madsen, Zoe Brooke-Zibton
This committee plans the skit that the graduate students put on at the Solstice (or Equinox) Party, which takes place in the spring semester. If any graduate student involvement is needed in planning the party itself, this committee does that as well.
Committee did not form.
The members in this committee plan and attend outreach events around the university as well as with other schools and organizations. New opportunities arise each year, and members are encouraged to seek out different avenues of outreach.
Maria Madsen, Alex Goldstein, Juliet Pilewskie, Kelton Halbert, Austin Dixon, Zoe Brooke-Zibton, Mary Spraggs
Formerly known as the Hooding Ceremony Committee, this group is in charge of helping to plan and organize the annual spring AOS Graduation Ceremony for graduating undergraduates and graduate students. Masters and PhD students will be hooded at this ceremony as well.
Committee did not form.