AOS Mentorship Program
The AOS Mentorship Program (AMP)...

Group Mentoring: Large group mentoring provides undergraduates an opportunity to socalize and learn more about the ins and outs of the major from multiple perspectives. A goal of this program is to increase intercation between graduate and undergraduate students in the department in order to learn and grow from each other. It is suitable for all of those in the major and can be a great way to enter into the AOS family.

Individual Mentoring: Individual mentoring pairs one graduate student with one undergraduate student to form a more personalized mentorship experience. The role of an individual mentor is to provide support and guidance to the undergraduate. The graduate mentor can assist with academic, research, or career related questions the undergraduate student might have, while providing information about opportunities and helping the student craft and meet individual goals. Individual mentoring can be especially helpful for upperclassmen looking for assistance exploring ways to excel after their bachelor's degree.

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Small Group Mentoring (COMING SPRING 2020): Small group mentoring aims to connect 3-5 individuals with a mentor to discuss things like course selection, goal setting, getting valuable experience based on future aspirations, and other helpful hints to navigating life as an AOS major. These groups are especially useful for underclassmen to meet other members of the major and learn what AOS is all about. Participants who choose to pursue a small group will be assigned to one with others who are at a similar place in their AOS careers in order to optimize the group’s usefulness.

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