Current Students

    Taylor Wilmot

    Ph.D. Completed

  • Charles R. Trepte, 1993: Tracer Transport in the Tropical Lower Stratosphere. Senior Scientist, NASA Langley Research Center, CALYPSO Project Scientist.

  • John A. Knox, 1996: A Theoretical and Observational Study of Inertial Instability and Atmospheric Balance. On the Faculty in the Department of Biological and Agricultural Engineering at the University of Georgia - Athens.

  • Gregory A. Postel, 1999: Rossby Wave Breaking Along the Subtropical Tropopause. Consulting Meteorologist.

  • V. Lynn Harvey, 2001: An Object Oriented Climatology of Stratospheric Polar Vortices and Anticyclones. Research Scientist at University of Colorado - Boulder.

  • Amihan S. Huesmann, 2004: The Stratospheric QBO, the NCEP Reanalysis, and RWB in the Middleworld. Assistant Professor at Gustavus Adolphus College, St. Peter, MN.

  • Marcus L. Buker, 2004: Regional Modeling of Stratosphere - Troposphere Exchange . Associate Professor, University of Western Illinois.

  • Monica Harkey, 2009: Idealized Ice Nuclei Effects on the Distribution of Water Vapor over the Amazon Basin

  • Marek J. Rogal, 2009: Dynamical Redistribution of Column Ozone in the Southern Hemisphere

    M.S. Completed

  • Kenneth W. Bywaters, 1990: Lower Stratospheric Gravity Waves Observed by the Jicamarca MST Radar. Berbee Corporation.

  • William B. Sea, 1992: A 2-D Modeling Study of Rossby Wave Activity in the Middle Atmosphere.

  • Megan McKay, 1992: A Climatology of Stratospheric Aerosols and Their Impact on Ozone in a 2-D Model.

  • Chia-Yi Yao, 1994: Geographical Variation in the Annual Cycle of the Tropical Lower Stratosphere.

  • V. Lynn Harvey, 1994: Climatology of the Aleutian High. Research Scientist at University of Colorado - Boulder.

  • Gregory A. Postel, 1994: Dynamics of Large Scale Circulations in the Subtropical Lower Stratosphere.

  • Keiko Yumi, 1996: Parameterization of Mixing Coefficients in a 2D Model.

  • Joleen M. Kugi, 1996: Tropical Middle Atmospheric Dynamical Quantities Derived From Jicamarca MST Radar Observations. Research scientist in the Space Science and Engineering Center, Madison WI.

  • Marcus L. Buker 1997: Nonhydrostatic Modeling of Gravity Waves and Tracer Transport in the Tropical Lower Stratosphere: First Results. Lecturer at University of Wisconsin - Oshkosh.

  • Andrew Parker, 2007: Interannual Variability of Polar Stratospheric Clouds over Antarctica Research scientist in the Space Science and Engineering Center, Madison, WI.

  • Elizabeth Klusinske, 2008: A Regional Modeling Study of Mercury Deposition in Wisconsin.

  • Morgan Franklin, 2008: Introduction of the Silicon Cycle into an Ocean Biogeochemical Circulation Model.

  • Nicholas Zachar, 2008: An Observational and Modeling Study of Ozone Transport Pathways in the Southern Hemisphere.

  • Emily Niehbuhr, 2009: A Coastally Trapped Wind Reversal Along the Gulf of Alaska

  • Shellie M. Rowe, 2014: On the Role of Inertial Instability in Stratosphere-Troposphere Exchange and the Generation of Inertial Flare-Ups Near Midlatitude Jets

  • Elliot Shiben, 2017: Modeling Stratosphere - Troposphere Exchange Using the UWNMS and START-08 Data.

  • Taylor Wilmot 2019: Influence of the stratospheric quasi-biennial oscillation and volcanic aerosol on photosynthetically-active radiation, with application to direct versus diffuse beam effects.

    Senior Honors Theses

  • Ryan Torn, 2002: On the Ability of Butanol to Create Monolayers on Sulfuric Acid Aerosols

  • Elizabeth Klusinske, 2005: Exploring Predator-Prey Models of Phytoplankton, Zooplankton, and Nutrients

  • Emily Niebuhr, 2006: Coastal Wind Reversals in the Pacific Northwest

  • Nick Zachar, 2006: Vertical Ozone Transport Associated with PV Structures over the Pacific Ocean

  • Amanda Kis, 2007: Stratospheric PV sheets and High Wind Events in the Lower Troposphere

  • Teddy Lyons, 2008: Diagnosis of a subtropical stratospheric front over the Pacific

  • Sarah Monette, 2009: Seasonal and Interannual Variability of Global Cirrus Cloud Patterns

  • Nathaniel Loeb, 2014: Stratospheric Precursors to Sudden Warmings

    Post-Doctoral Research Associates

  • Charles R. Trepte

  • Philip A. Politowicz

  • Susan Nossal

  • Gregory A. Postel

  • V. Lynn Harvey

  • Chieko Kittaka

  • Marcus L. Buker

  • Amihan S. Huesmann

  • Takenari Kinoshita

Last Updated: March, 2019