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Graphs of the rainfall frequency for each of the nine climate divisions in Wisconsin have been generated from the data provided in Huff and Angel (1992).  These division-averaged rainfall frequency estimates are plotted as a family of curves describing  the rainfall totals for 15 storm duration intervals (from 5 minutes to 10 days) as a function of  recurrence intervals ranging 2 months through 100 years.


For a climate division, the amount of rainfall that could be expected to be equaled for a given recurrence interval typically increases with longer storm durations.  For example, rainfall totals in south central Wisconsin that would have a 50-year recurrence interval  range from 0.73 inches for 5-minute duration through 9.33 inches over a 10-day span.  A 24-hour storm total that would equal 6.06 inches in this division would represent a rain event with a 50-year recurrence time.  
Alternatively, a 24-hour precipitation total of 1.24 inches would have a recurrence interval of 2-months (0.17 years), a total of 2.25 inches would have a one-year recurrence, while a 7.06 inch or greater total would represent a once in 100 year event. A five-day rainfall total of almost three inches (2.99 inches) could occur once in one year, while 9.36 inches would have a recurrence interval of 100 years.


Huff, F.A. and J.R. Angel, 1992: Rainfall Frequency Atlas of the Midwest.  Illinois State Water Survey, Champaign, Bulletin 71. 
Available as a 123-page pdf file at http://www.sws.uiuc.edu/pubdoc/B/ISWSB-71.pdf

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