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Natural Hazards Climate in Wisconsin


Severe Local Thunderstorms

Heat Waves

Floods and Flash Floods

Severe Winter Storms

Wildfires and Fire Weather

Natural Hazards Assessment

For general information on various types of severe weather across Wisconsin and the Midwest, consult

Changnon, S.A. and K.E. Kunkel, 2006: Severe Storms in the Midwest, Illinois State Water Survey Informational/Educational Material 2006-06, 74p. https://www.isws.illinois.edu/pubdoc/IEM/ISWSIEM2006-06.pdf

Severe Local Thunderstorms --Wisconsin Climatology

Heat Waves

(Data and maps from NWSFO, Milwaukee/Sullivan)

Number of Heat Waves (1982-2004) Heat Wave Days
 Heat Wave Deaths

Floods and Flash Floods

  • Flood events in Wisconsin by county from NWSFO Milwaukee/Sullivan
  • What is a "100-Year Flood"?
    See US Geological Survey General Information Product 106
    (Recommended Citation: Holmes, R.R., Jr., Dinicola, K., 2010, 100-Year flood-it's all about chance: U.S. Geological Survey General Information Product 106, 1 p.)

Severe Winter Weather

Wildfires and Fire Weather

National Weather Service Fire Weather Pages

National Fire Weather Page
Fire weather operation plans
for Wisconsin
Milwaukee-Sullivan Duluth
La Crosse Twin Cities
Green Bay Marquette

Wisconsin DNR

Long term wildfire statistics in Wisconsin

Minnesota DNR

Michigan DNR



SPC Fire Weather Forecast

Active Fires across US
US Forest Service -- Remote Sensing Applications Center


National Interagency Fire Center (NIFC)

Natural Hazards Assessment