The 2018-2019 Student AMS Officers

Senior Officers

Junior Officers

Leo Mikula Douglas Schumacher
Jacob Pozezinski Taylor Norton
Emma Sinclair Libby Carso


Past AMS Officers



Kate Abbott
Jenna Lake
Matt Lane



Austin Delany
Taylor DeWinter
Kirsten Mayer
Zoë Brooke Zibton



Steven Fons
Alexander Fox
Jessie Gartzke
Nick Vertz



Sam Hartwick
Dan Knuth
Joe Nettesheim
Becky Schultz


In general, the AMS officers are responsible for maintaining the student organization by raising awareness of the UW-Madison AMS Chapter and keeping up interest within our community. Some of our responsibilities include:


Officer meetings occur every Tuesday at 5:00 PM in the 14th floor Student Lounge. (Subject to change)

Please feel free to direct any questions or comments regarding the Student Chapter of the AMS at UW-Madison to any of the above officers.

Or, simply email all officers at