Vimont Group: Resources

MATLAB Scripts

In graduate school I developed a set of MATLAB scripts off of Alexis Lau's old scripts. Kevin Rennert used a Perl script to put these into html format and put them online. Evidently some people found them useful, so I've left them online. I don't recommend using the mapping routines here (though I still like the global_latlon framework) as now I think the MATLAB versions are just fine. I'm in the process of redoing a bunch of my MATLAB scripts to make them more compatable with current versions of MATLAB, and will try to post some examples here as I get to them. In the mean time, here's the link to the original files:

Meridional Mode Website

I maintain a meridional mode website that includes realtime updates of AMM and PMM indices, as well as a brief description of the meridional modes. It can be found at:

WICCI Resources

The WICCI Climate Working Group has a set of tools for visualizing climate change in Wisconsin and the region using our downscaled climate data. The tools can be found here:

Eastern US: 

Thanks to David Lorenz for producing the data, and to Michael Notaro for putting the tools together! More tools can be found at: