ATM OCN (Meteorology) 100

WEB ACTIVITY for Homework 1

Summer 2004

Date Due: Thursday, 26 June 2004

CAUTION:  You will need to remain on-line to answer these questions. 
Note that you will need to download the
pdf file also.

If you have any difficulty accessing the data from these sites, please contact me as soon as possible.
E.J. Hopkins


This portion of Homework 1 is designed to familiarize you with some of the current weather and climate data that are available on the Internet.  Some National Weather Service Offices such as Milwaukee/Madison, Green Bay and Minneapolis/St. Paul maintain extensive web pages.


Using the current weather observations  for Madison ( Dane County Regional-Truax Field) Wisconsin
    (found at or

The current air temperature at Madison's airport at _______________ (Insert the time, to include day and hour) was ____________ (Insert temperature, with units).
The current sea-level barometric pressure (also known as altimeter setting) at Madison was  ____________ (Insert pressure, with units).


 Using the daily climate summary for Madison's Dane County Regional Airport (data found on
    Date selected was: _____________
    Yesterday's high temperature for Madison     ____________________
    Yesterday's low temperature for Madison     ____________________
     Seasonal Departure in the number of Heating Degree Day Units
        (i.e., the number of HDDU above or below the Seasonal "Normal" from 1 July 2002 to date)       ____________________
     (Please include above or below the normal)

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