ATM OCN (Meteorology) 100

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Homework 5: Surface Weather Map Analysis

Summer 2004


This homework contains several parts (separated to reduce potential problems with printing large pdf files). This document helps guide you in finishing the assignment.


At each station the following abbreviated surface station model has been utilized:

Wind arrows fly with the wind.

Each full barb equals 10 knot wind speed.

[Sample station reports a 15 knot wind from the southeast (SE)].

Missing values are indicated by an "M".

Note the pressure appearing on this station model is in tenths of a millibar with the decimal and the leading 9 or 10 removed to save space. (Compare the data plotted on the station model with that for on the other map that contains the decoded pressure values.)
A nice tutorial for learning how to decode station models can be found at


A nice tutorial for learning how to draw isobars is found at

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