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The State Climatology Office (SCO) is organizationally part of the Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences Department on the UW-Madison campus. The State Climatology office is located on the University of Wisconsin campus, in Room 1353 of the Atmospheric, Oceanic & Space Science Building at 1225 W. Dayton St., Madison, Wisconsin. Administratively it is part of the Atmospheric & Oceanic Sciences Department   Emeritus Professor John Young, serves as State Climatologist, with Dr. Ed Hopkins the Assistant State Climatologist. The office is generally open weekday afternoons, staffed by office manager Lyle Anderson.

Data Services

As the official state repository for climate records of Wisconsin, the office strives to acquire, archive, process and disseminate weather and climate information particular to the state. The data sources range from original manuscript records to published paper records to digital databases. Many data requests can be answered free of charge, whether by regular mail, phone, fax or email. Where significant time and labor or photocopying is required, a minimal service charge plus costs is assessed.

The Wisconsin State Climatology Office is closely associated with the AOS Department at the University of Wisconsin in Madison. The department consists of 15 faculty and 15 affiliated scientists who teach courses and conduct internationally recognized research in weather and climate. As a past departmental chair, Young leads coordination and UW campus developments with the State Climatology Office.  A history of the Wisconsin State Climatology Office and its predecessors is available.

Analysis Services

Young and Hopkins conduct applied climatology research within the office and University of Wisconsin-Madison. These include analysis of variability and trends of extremes, analyses for climate sensitive applications (e.g. water, energy, and agriculture), and  collaborations with other UW-Madison researchers. A developing focus is regional climate impacts, as part of the Wisconsin Initiative for Climate Change Impacts (WICCI). Collaborators include the Center for Climate Research, Center for Sustainability and the Global Environment, and Department of Natural Resources.

If you would like assistance finding the climate data you want, visit our Guide to Wisconsin Weather and Climate Data.
Short initial inquiries for data or staff assistance staff are free. More substantial efforts are covered by our Service Charge statement.

Meet the Staff

Director: Professor John Young Director: John Young is an emeritus professor in the Department of Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences at the University of Wisconsin-Madison,  He was on the faculty for 42 years, specializing in large-scale atmospheric wind dynamics and turbulence near the earth's surface. These areas are fundamental to understanding the climate system and its variability. He has participated in observational climate programs involving air-sea interaction, monsoons, and the Pacific El Niño. His work in theory and modeling has concentrated on global-scale wind systems and cloud convection affecting the energy budget of the earth's surface. He is now applying this knowledge to the understanding and prediction of climate fluctuations over the Midwestern U.S. In recent years he has given presentations on global and regional climate change, El Niño to professional public groups and the media in southern Wisconsin. He has also served as the departmental chairman.

Assistant State Climatologist: Dr. Ed Hopkins Assistant State Climatologist: Ed Hopkins' area of interest is in Wisconsin's climate, climatic change and science education. He has co-authored a book entitled Wisconsin's Weather and Climate (University of Wisconsin Press) with Prof. Joseph M. Moran of the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay. He has contributed to the operation of the State Climatology Office for more than ten years. In addition, he has at least twenty years of experience teaching the introductory level meteorology courses, both at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and at Northern Illinois University. Ed has been actively involved with the education activities of the American Meteorological Society, the American Geological Institute and the National Geographic Society. He has prepared a resource listing of meteorological educational materials directed for elementary and secondary school teachers.

Office Manager and Data Services: Lyle Anderson Office Manager and Data Services: Lyle Anderson manages the day-to-day operations during his office hours each weekday afternoon. He has 22 years of experience assisting the public in this role. He answers basic climate data questions for the public, and in some cases provides actual information from climate records. He also consults with Dr. Hopkins in providing these some of these services.


In memory of a true Wisconsin climatologist
Reid A. Bryson, 1920-2008.  
Reid Bryson
Courtesy, Center for Climatic Research

Reid was not only interested in Wisconsin's weather and climate, but he will be remembered as founder of the University of Wisconsin's Department of Meteorology in 1948, founder of the Center for Climate Research and its endowed Climate, People, and Environment Program, and founder of the Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies. His fertile mind gave birth to a wide range of studies and opinions on the earth's climate and it peoples. His legacy survives in  University of Wisconsin research and teaching activities extending  to other disciplines.

He is survived by his children Ann, Bill, Bob and Tom.

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