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University of Wisconsin–Madison

2024 AOS Department Awards

April 26, 2024

Congratulations to the 2024 AOS Department award winners! Each year, a set of scholarships and recognitions are given to students and a faculty member for distinguished research and teaching, academic excellence, and service to the department. For more information, including previous award winners, visit our awards page.

Bretherton Scholarship Award: Hamish Prince

Department Student Service Award: Emily Mather

Ettenheim Scholarship Award: Nicolas Sartore

First-Year Graduate Student Award: Jacob Lewandowski & Cara Scalpone

Graduate Student Association Teaching Award: Liz Maroon

Lettau Award for Excellent MS Thesis: Poushali Ghosh & Rudra Thaker

Lettau-Wahl Scholarship Award: Liam Schiffer

Lyle Horn Scholarship Award: Ziyi Xu

Sunkel Scholarship Award: Paige Bartels

Wahl Award for Outstanding Teaching Assistant: Poushali Ghosh

Picture of 2024 AOS Award Winners