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University of Wisconsin–Madison


Faculty: Professors Tripoli (chair), Ackerman, Desai, Hitchman, Holloway, Martin, Morgan, Petty, Vimont; Associate Professors Back, L'Ecuyer; Assistant Professor Henderson

The department has 12 faculty, approximately 60 graduate students, and many staff involved in large and energetic research programs. Strengths include climate/earth system science, geophysical fluid dynamics, remote sensing, planetary boundary layer, atmospheric chemistry, weather systems and prediction, and oceanography. Course concentrations within the existing degree program are offered in the areas of weather prediction, earth system science, remote sensing, and oceanography.

Staff: Dahmen, Balas Levenson, Foldy, VanRyven, Buker, Eloranta, Kulie, Pokrandt, Rowe

The Office Staff oversee the everyday operations of the Department by submitting and tracking grants with our Financial Specialist, tracking and reporting degree progressions with our Student Status Examiner, general Faculty support and customer service, computer and software updates with our IT Specialist and administrative leadership with our Department Administrator.

Students: Undergraduate and Graduate

Our students work on research projects with their Faculty advisor or become TA's in one of our courses.

State Climatology Office: Anderson, Hopkins, Young

The SCO collects data and information for climate monitoring, provides climate information to residents of Wisconsin, demonstrates the value of climate information in the decision-making process to the user community, and conducts applied climate research. More information on the SCO can be found on their website.