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February 2021 Highlight- AOSS Community Calendar

February 26, 2021

While it may already be towards the end of February, there’s still plenty months out of the year to enjoy a well-made calendar. The Graduate Student Association and the student chapter of the American Meteorological Society have teamed up to make an AOSS Community Calendar. Inside are some of the best photos from the annual AOSS photo contest, featured prominently for each month of the year. Holidays and celebrations of all kinds are already marked in the calendar, indented to both include all of the diverse holidays found within our community and occasionally give a nod to some of the sillier holidays around the world (pi day, anyone?).

All proceeds from the calendar sales will be used to support the GSA and the student AMS chapter, including providing antibias training, outreach to marginalized and underserved groups, promoting discovery in science and in our communities, and sponsoring department-wide social and cultural orientation events. If you do not want a calendar, but wish to support these efforts, there is also a donation link provided.