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University of Wisconsin–Madison

AOSS Wellness room


The departments located within the Atmospheric Oceanic and Space Sciences building are committed to supporting our employees’ wellness and maintaining effective work-life balance. The AOSS Wellness Room is established for the primary purpose of providing a secure and private location for lactation purposes. When not in use for lactation, the room will be made available to all building occupants as a quiet retreat for other wellness purposes.


The AOSS Wellness Room is located in room 335. From the main elevators, go to the 3rd floor and turn right (south). The room is located at the end of the hallway. The room is designed to accommodate one person/family at a time. There is a women’s restroom and water fountain located across the hall from the room. The closest men’s restroom is located up or down one flight of stairs. Handicap accessible restrooms are located on the 1st (women’s only) and 2nd (unisex) floors.

Room Usage Guidelines

The first priority for utilizing this space is lactation and is available to anyone in the AOSS Building.

When not in use for lactation, the space may be used for:

  • Symptom relief that is associated with non-contagious conditions, such as: temporary migraine relief, pregnancy side effects, etc.

  • A decompression/coping room when dealing with a personally distressing situation.

  • A medical accommodation area*. For example: Situations that require legs to be elevated for short periods of time throughout the day.

The room is not to be used for the following purposes:

  • Relief of illness-related symptoms that fall outside of those listed above.

It is critical that you go home if you are not feeling well to avoid the spread of germs to your colleagues. Please communicate with your supervisor, instructor, and/or advisor as needed.

  • A quiet place to work or study, meetings, conference calls.

There are several conference rooms located throughout the building and the library that may be appropriate to use for these purposes.

  • Lunch breaks.

  • Personal phone calls.

  • Sleeping.

Room Coordinators/Contacts

Questions, concerns and requests for access to the wellness room should be directed to Christi Balas Levenson, AOS (262-2829) or Denise Weidner, SSEC (265-3267).