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University of Wisconsin–Madison

Student Health and Wellness

UW-Madison has a holistic resource for all things wellness called “UWell”. The site includes information and opportunities for wellness for your work/school, financial, environmental, physical, emotional, spiritual, and community.

Students who pay segregated fees are eligible for University Health Services. There is no charge to students for many basic services including counseling sessions, because services are paid through tuition and fees. Personal health and wellness services are also available in addition to medical services.

Securing Health Insurance Coverage

Graduate students who hold an appointment as an assistant of 33.33% or more or who have a fellowship may be eligible for health insurance and other benefits beyond University Health Services. Contact the staff benefits and payroll coordinator in the unit where you have been hired to select one of several health care plans within 30 days of your hire date.

Graduate students without an assistantship or fellowship who are currently enrolled can use the serves of University Health Services (UHS), the campus health clinic. Many services are provided at no extra cost, including outpatient medical care during regular business hours, Monday through Friday. UHS is located in the Student Services Tower at 333 East Campus Mall, 608-265-5000. For more info, visit the UHS website.

Prescription medications, emergency room visits and hospitalization are not included in UHS benefits. Therefore, supplemental insurance covering these drugs and services is recommended for all students and is required for international students. The UHS Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP) is an excellent option for many students. Contact the SHIP office at 608-265-5600 or visit the SHIP website for more information.

###Disability Information###

Students with disabilities have access to disability resources through UW-Madison’s McBurney Disability Resource Center. As an admitted student, you should first go through the steps to “Become a McBurney Client”.

Additional [non-academic] disability campus resources (not found through the McBurney Center) can be found on their website under the “Other Resources” tab.

Explore the UW-Madison Index for Campus Accessibility Resources

###Mental Health Resources On and Off Campus

University Health Services (UHS) is the primary mental health provider for students on campus. UHS Counseling and Consultation Services offers a wide range of services to the diverse student population of UW-Madison. They offer immediate crisis counseling, same day appointments and ongoing treatment. Go to their website or call 608-265-5600.

UHS service costs are covered for students through tuition and fees.

Graduate students of color who want to be part of a support group specifically for that population are also encouraged to connect with the Multicultural Graduate Network to be part of their group in partnership with campus Mental Health Services (see event calendar) and contact for additional information.

There are many mental health resources throughout the Madison community, but UHS Counseling and Consultation Services is the best resource for referrals to off-campus providers. Call 608-265-5600 for assistance in finding an off-campus provider.