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University of Wisconsin–Madison

Kaitlyn Fons

Picture of Kaitlyn Fons

Kaitlyn Fons is a Manager of Product Sciences at Athenium Analytics in Washington D.C. Athenium Analytics, formerly known as Weather Analytics, is a tech company that specializes in risk analysis of natural perils and develops weather solutions for insurance companies. Kaitlyn works closely with the company's weather data archives and the clients that access the weather data.

Kaitlyn received her B.S. in 2016 in Atmospheric and Oceanic Science at UW-Madison with a certificate in Environmental Studies. As an undergraduate she studied tropical meteorology, specifically the Madden-Julian Oscillation (MJO), and received a Hilldale Undergraduate Research Fellowship for the project. Kaitlyn went on to pursue her Masters Degree in Atmospheric Science from SUNY Albany, where she continued to study the MJO. During graduate school, Kaitlyn also worked with the global investment company Citadel by providing support on tropical weather.