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University of Wisconsin–Madison

Brian Miretzky

Picture of Brian Miretzky

Brian holds Bachelor of Science (2006) and Master of Science (2009) degrees from the University of Wisconsin at Madison where he double-majored in Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences and Hebrew and Semitic Studies and also earned a certificate in Energy Analysis and Policy.

Brian joined the National Weather Service (NWS) Eastern Region Headquarters in 2010. From 2010-2019 Brian was a meteorologist in the Eastern Region Headquarters Scientific Services Division where he was responsible for providing research, development, technical and policy support for NWS Eastern Region offices. Brian also was responsible for a variety of different NWS Eastern Region programs and efforts and served on many NWS teams in order to support the NWS mission of saving life and property. In 2019 Brian served as an Emergency Response Specialist for the Eastern Region Regional Operations Center (ROC). In that role Brian supported Eastern Region offices by making sure all their operational needs were met. Brian also supported NWS partners onsite and offsite as needed. As of 2020 Brian is now a Physical Scientist at NWS HQ in Silver Spring, MD. In this role Brian is the Collaborative Forecast Process/National Blend of Models Requirements Lead. Brian also is responsible for reviewing requirements for new products and services in the NWS and leading initiatives to improve the NWS Digital Presence.