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Intention/Role of Handbook

This handbook is intended for graduate students who are pursuing a Professional M.S. degree in the Department of Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences (hereafter AOS). The UW-Madison Graduate School is the ultimate authority for granting graduate degrees at the University. AOS administers its graduate degree program under the authority of the Graduate School. The Graduate School’s Academic Policies and Procedures provide essential information regarding general University requirements. The Graduate Guide (which soon will include the Professional M.S. Program) references program-specific policies, rules and regulations as well as Graduate School-level policies regarding admission, coursework, the awarding of degrees and certificates, and the general criteria governing satisfactory progress in a degree program. Program authority to set degree requirements beyond the minimum required by the Graduate School lies with the AOS faculty. The policies described in this handbook have been approved by the program faculty as a whole. Degrees and course requirements may change over time. However, students must meet the degree and course requirements in effect when they entered the program. In addition, administrative procedures and processes can change over time. Students are required to follow the procedures and processes listed in the current handbook, as well as those listed in the Graduate Guide. The information in this handbook should also be supplemented by individual consultation with the program coordinator or faculty director so individual needs/interests and all degree requirements are met. Additional information is available via the Department’s website. Students may also consult the Graduate School’s website.

Key Terms

Where these regulations refer to the “chair,” this typically means the chair of AOS. “Faculty director” refers to the AOS Professional M.S. Program faculty director. “Faculty” refers to the faculty of AOS.

Program Prospects

Since 1948, our Department has grown into one of the best-known in our field of Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences. The recent addition of the Professional M.S. Program serves to strengthen this reputation. The initial class of this program began Fall 2020. Students are required to complete 30 credits of graduate course work, some of which are earned through professional development activities and a summer internship. This combination of graduate-level education and hands-on, professional experience prepares students for placement within one of the many atmospheric and oceanic science careers.