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University of Wisconsin–Madison


Advisor Role

The advisors serve as a resource of a knowledge within the program and field. They also support the student in tracking progress toward degree completion, assisting with course selection and academic planning, and helping identify possible opportunities.

Advisee Role

Knowing the procedures and requirements of the University is the student’s responsibility. Since the advisor’s role can vary, students should discuss roles and expectations with their advisors or prospective advisors. Both the student and the advisors have a responsibility to make their expectations clear.

Advising Resources

Beyond this handbook, there are additional advising resources available on the Graduate School’s website and within the Graduate School’s Academic Policies and Procedures: Advisor.

Advisor Assignment

Professional M.S. students will all be advised by the faculty director, with support from the program manager. Delegation of advising to other faculty may occur depending on program size and specific interests.

Should a student later decide a different faculty advisor would be preferable, they should discuss this with the current advisor and/or the faculty director and feel free to seek the change. Selection of an advisor, or a change of advisors, should be based on the faculty member’s ability to guide the student expertly into the chosen area of interest. When a student has selected or changed advisors, file the appropriate form with the graduate program manager.

Students may see their official advisor listed in MyUW. The official advisor is entered in SIS by the Professional Master’s program manager.

Additional Advising Contacts

When students need further clarification on any of these policies or procedures, they should contact the Professional Master’s program manager. The Professional Master’s program manager may play a role with issues including satisfactory academic progress, academic deadlines, graduation completion, program-related forms, advising/course holds and permissions, and course offerings.