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Academic Exception Petition

Academic Exceptions

Academic exceptions are considered on an individual case by case basis and should not be considered a precedent. Deviations from normal progress are highly discouraged, but the program recognizes that there are in some cases extenuating academic and personal circumstances. Petitions for course exceptions/substitutions or exceptions to the Satisfactory Progress Expectations (academic or conduct) shall be directed to the faculty director of the Professional Master’s Program. The following procedures apply to all petitions:

  1. The specific requirement/rule/expectation pertinent to the petition must be identified.

  2. The student’s academic advisor must provide written support for the petition.

  3. All course work substitutions and equivalencies will be decided by the associate chair of graduate studies in consultation with the Curriculum Committee.

More generally, the Professional Master’s faculty director, in consultation with the program manager, may grant extensions to normal progress requirements for students who face circumstances (similar to tenure extensions) as noted in university regulations, this includes childbirth, adoption, significant responsibilities with respect to elder or dependent care obligations, disability or chronic illness, or circumstances beyond one’s personal control. Where warranted, the petition should provide good evidence of plans and ability to return to conformance with the standard and to acceptably complete the program. The normal extension will be one semester; anything beyond this will be granted only in the event of highly extraordinary circumstances. Extensions will be granted formally with a note of explanation to be placed in the student’s file.

Students who have not completed the degree on schedule may request extensions. Requests for a one-semester/year extension can be made to the faculty director, who is authorized to approve these requests upon written justification from the student and program manager. The student must describe the reasons for the request and provide a proposed timetable for completing all program requirements. The program manager must sign the request form and write comments endorsing the request, which will then be approved by the faculty director. The request should be made as soon as the need for an extension becomes apparent. Faculty on the Graduate Program Committee may request additional documentation as needed when handling academic exceptions. Appeals or requests for additional extensions must be approved by the full program faculty.