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University of Wisconsin–Madison

Honors in the Major

The Honors requirements are to provide the best possible training for an undergraduate wishing to pursue graduate work in Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences (AOS). Honors students should select an advisor in the AOS department for guidance in their work in Honors in the Major. The Honors track in AOS consists of all the requirements for an undergraduate degree with the addition of one of the following courses above the major requirements: AOS 610, AOS 611, or a course agreed upon with the advisor and intended to broaden the background of the student in the field of Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences. A senior thesis under the guidance of the advisor and requiring AOS 681 and AOS 682 is required for Honors in the Major. The GPA for all courses in the Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences Honors in the Major must be 3.4 or higher.