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University of Wisconsin–Madison

Sample Course Program

Courses numbered under 299 are open only to undergraduates, those numbered 300-699 may be taken by undergraduates and graduates, and those numbered above 700 are only open to graduate students.

The sample course program shown below is one possible route to a Bachelor of Science Degree in Atmospheric & Oceanic Sciences. Courses related to the major are highlighted. This program sample assumes that your language requirement has been satisfied by having 3 years of one language in high school. Otherwise a foreign language must be included in your course program. The details of your particular course program should be worked out through discussions with the department advisor, other departmental faculty members, and the Cross-College Advising Service. You should take into account your high school preparation in math, English and foreign language. Those planning on graduate work are strongly encouraged to take more courses in math, physics, chemistry or computer sciences. The Department of Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences participates in the L & S General Honors Program. Arrangements for honors credit may be made with the instructor.

Semester I Credits Semester II Credits
Freshman Year      
Math 221 5 Math 222 5
Atm Ocn 100/101, 105, 121, 171 2-4 Comp Sci 220 4
Social Studies 3 Social Studies 3
Humanities 3 Elective 3
Elective 2    
Sophomore Year      
Math 234 3 Phys 208 (or 202) 5
Phys 207 (or 201) 5 Humanities/Literature 3
Humanities/Literature 3 Social Studies 2-4
Elective 2-3 Elective 2-4
Junior Year      
Atm Ocn 310 3 Atm Ocn 311 3
Atm Ocn 330 3 Atm Ocn 340 3
Math/Comp Sci/Stat 3 Atm Ocn Electives 3
Social Studies 4 Biological Sciences 3
Elective 4 Elective 4
Senior Year      
Atm Ocn Electives 3-4 Atm Ocn Electives 3-4
Atm Ocn Electives 3-4 Atm Ocn Electives 3-4
Biological Sciences 3 Atm Ocn 405 1
Humanities 3 Atm Ocn 699 1-2
Elective 3 Math/Phys/CompSci 3
  3 Elective 3